86,400 Seconds

I found this video and thought it would be worthwhile sharing.

Since many may think very different from what I could, let’s say these are my own statements alone, and if perhaps they sound familiar to you or not it is okay, but if you find the conclusions reasonable, apply them .

Life should be lived in the present, nor the past or the future.

And so life is on a “go” mode. it doesn’t wait for anyone.

And as such, I have  many choices weather see it pass in front of  my eyes or grab one or two things from it.

Unfortunately or fortunately, there is more.

How about all those things that are broken, lets say relationships as in friends, brothers, sisters, parents, ,grandparents, bosses… or unfulfilled desires as in wanting to learn a new hobby or skill, or wanting to do that for what I long to do and can’t find an excuse to just start or simpler, what about those “I am sorry” I owe.

While there is life, there will always be a way to fixing things. I might need some courage or help from a friend or two, and what is a heavy burden can be released if, and only if I take the first step.

The reward might be a lighter way of living… or not. That will depend on what I do on my 86,400th second.

-The video is in English with Spanish subtitles. I hope you enjoy, and take action on whatever  you have been postponing for that long time.