It’s not the final destiny, but the process.

Yesterday was my son’s graduation from 9th grade. (In Mexico, Middle School  grades are 7th,8th,9th and High School grades 10th,11th, 12th) He will be starting High school in August and still has a way to go…

On the same day, curiously, I was finishing one of my MBA clases, Corporate Finance, and still have way to go…

So It came to my thinking that once you finish a grade, or reach an objective it is definitely not the end of the journey, or the final destination. It is not about getting to where you are heading, it is about the process, the way of getting there. Did you enjoy it? where you concerned or worried? Was there challenge, obstacles? Did you figure out how to go through them? How did you do it?

It seems that the attitude, the way one decides to go along the way is most important than the goal itself, because at the end one is going to get there and one has to refrain from  saying: “Now What”?

See? There is no final destination, it is about the process of getting there and not necessarily being there.

Well, my thinking so far.


Calling it Quits.

Last week I had to quit the gym, after 5 years or so…. a must do. I have less time than before because of my decision to go back to school and my money wasn’t doing any good there, well to the gym’s owner for sure, yes.

Even it might not be important at all, it wasn’t easy, I am the kind of healthy guy. Then I remembered the times I had to quit to so many other things that I also regretted and on top of that, I also remembered when others quitted on me. You know, kind of when a relative neglects you, or a friend forgets about you or when a “closer” (the real close ) one puts you aside.

I complain not. I had a simple flashback of what I had in the past to bring me to the present time. I call it “change”.

Sometimes we don’t want to change because that means being a different person from the one we are, one we don’t know and we are afraid of what that will bring.

The simplest truth is that without change there is no growth. So, what about welcoming change? otherwise it will just ran you over.

It is better to keep pace with it. Change can only bring good.

The Calling

I was at school last weekend (lets say Business School). I was visiting another campus where I could go and take classes also. So far so good. When I was about to leave I bumped into a friend who invited me to be part of in a theater audition. Well you see, I used to be an actor, singer and the like. 🙂

After my engineering graduation I didn’t think I would need to do it again. I had other means….

Anyways I participated for what seems an interesting project. That reminded me of previous performances and found a clip where I sang. Yes, sang.  This clip was ripped form one of those beta tapes, you know, the ones that were used in videotape recorders.

After some thinking I decided to post it. It is not that good quality because of time quality… 🙂 But still you can find me singing on a segment of the play “The fiddler on the roof”. I will be on the left of your screen.

Having back those memories and a living proof changed my mood very positively, reminding me of the good times I had and that I can still have, if chosen, again. I hope you like it, it was taken at a well renowned theater call The Theater of the City, in Mexico City, or  “El Teatro de la Ciudad”.

When Walls Talk

Theses photos are from the web. From a short time there has been a Poetic Action movement in Latin America. So far I have seen these from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. More are joining, so grab your paint brush, some white paint and find a wall….

Then, I will see you now.

You can find more here:

With the sky at your feet.



All the mistake is in doubting.error

Love is an educated memory, a persistent omission.insistente

You where exact.exacta

My duty is at your lips.labios

will I go or will you come.voy

I like your mistery.misterio

A burst of sighs.rafaga

Do you make love with wind against or in favor?haces

Shots of light to cheer life.tragos

You left me without strength in your eyes.fuerzas

Love, love, find me.encuentrame

You have me upside-down.decabeza

I was not kissing you, I was wispering something to your mouth.susurro

My soul is born on the shore of your eyes.orilla

In your arms I don’t know who am I.brazos

Looking, feeling, being.sentir ser

The city whisper your voice.

Why it is so hard not to fall in love for you?enamorarse

After you, nothing there is.
despues de ti

The unpredictable risk of finding me in your eyes.ojos

Let my soul not rest, if it is about love.descance

Love is born when two kisses.mundo

To kiss you until you extinguish.extingas

Let the soul be free. She will know how to command and to remember.alma

Just an instant to feel you, forever.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.ver

Our secret triumphed.triunfo

My duty is on your lips.deber

Neither do I know how to living,… I am improvising.improvisar

I left, but your love fui

Impossible only exists in your mind.imposible

I want to be free.. at your side.libre

Kiss me. I will explain later.besame

Dress me of love, that I am nude.visitemedeamor