When Walls Talk

Theses photos are from the web. From a short time there has been a Poetic Action movement in Latin America. So far I have seen these from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. More are joining, so grab your paint brush, some white paint and find a wall….

Then, I will see you now.

You can find more here: http://www.accionpoetica.com/

With the sky at your feet.



All the mistake is in doubting.error

Love is an educated memory, a persistent omission.insistente

You where exact.exacta

My duty is at your lips.labios

will I go or will you come.voy

I like your mistery.misterio

A burst of sighs.rafaga

Do you make love with wind against or in favor?haces

Shots of light to cheer life.tragos

You left me without strength in your eyes.fuerzas

Love, love, find me.encuentrame

You have me upside-down.decabeza

I was not kissing you, I was wispering something to your mouth.susurro

My soul is born on the shore of your eyes.orilla

In your arms I don’t know who am I.brazos

Looking, feeling, being.sentir ser

The city whisper your voice.

Why it is so hard not to fall in love for you?enamorarse

After you, nothing there is.
despues de ti

The unpredictable risk of finding me in your eyes.ojos

Let my soul not rest, if it is about love.descance

Love is born when two kisses.mundo

To kiss you until you extinguish.extingas

Let the soul be free. She will know how to command and to remember.alma

Just an instant to feel you, forever.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.ver

Our secret triumphed.triunfo

My duty is on your lips.deber

Neither do I know how to living,… I am improvising.improvisar

I left, but your love insists.me fui

Impossible only exists in your mind.imposible

I want to be free.. at your side.libre

Kiss me. I will explain later.besame

Dress me of love, that I am nude.visitemedeamor


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