The Calling

I was at school last weekend (lets say Business School). I was visiting another campus where I could go and take classes also. So far so good. When I was about to leave I bumped into a friend who invited me to be part of in a theater audition. Well you see, I used to be an actor, singer and the like. 🙂

After my engineering graduation I didn’t think I would need to do it again. I had other means….

Anyways I participated for what seems an interesting project. That reminded me of previous performances and found a clip where I sang. Yes, sang.  This clip was ripped form one of those beta tapes, you know, the ones that were used in videotape recorders.

After some thinking I decided to post it. It is not that good quality because of time quality… 🙂 But still you can find me singing on a segment of the play “The fiddler on the roof”. I will be on the left of your screen.

Having back those memories and a living proof changed my mood very positively, reminding me of the good times I had and that I can still have, if chosen, again. I hope you like it, it was taken at a well renowned theater call The Theater of the City, in Mexico City, or  “El Teatro de la Ciudad”.


14 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. I am so NOT surprised to learn you’re an actor/entertainer! Your smile (in your WP gravatar photo) is so wonderfully engaging I wondered if you modeled at some point.
    Anyway, fantastic youtube! Your Fiddler on the Roof production seems more professional than the Broadway touring troupe I saw (and paid a fortune for!) when they came through Boston in the 80s.

  2. what a joy! Fiddler on the Roof, a wonderful lively stage play and wow, you and your team, excellent! the dancers all in synchronized steps and the voices, well, fantastic! perhaps we see you again in another video clip …soon. 🙂

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