Calling it Quits.

Last week I had to quit the gym, after 5 years or so…. a must do. I have less time than before because of my decision to go back to school and my money wasn’t doing any good there, well to the gym’s owner for sure, yes.

Even it might not be important at all, it wasn’t easy, I am the kind of healthy guy. Then I remembered the times I had to quit to so many other things that I also regretted and on top of that, I also remembered when others quitted on me. You know, kind of when a relative neglects you, or a friend forgets about you or when a “closer” (the real close ) one puts you aside.

I complain not. I had a simple flashback of what I had in the past to bring me to the present time. I call it “change”.

Sometimes we don’t want to change because that means being a different person from the one we are, one we don’t know and we are afraid of what that will bring.

The simplest truth is that without change there is no growth. So, what about welcoming change? otherwise it will just ran you over.

It is better to keep pace with it. Change can only bring good.


22 thoughts on “Calling it Quits.

  1. I’m sure you’ll be back there again one day. Life is all about making wise choices and getting your priorities right. Good luck with your studies, and don’t forget to do your push-ups every day. You can also go jogging. That doesn’t cost anything, and is great thinking time. 🙂

    1. True. I do yoga on my own for the time being. Not ideal but it’s solution I found that makes me feel good. Good luck with you studies and thank you for sharing such a positive outlook on Change. So many people are scared of change. If we don’t want to be scared of it, we have to embrace it 🙂

  2. Hola Cedric,
    Ya ves que yo hace meses también me salí del gym, ahora el ejercicio lo hago desde casa. De todas maneras tu andas en bici y es muchísimo ejercicio. Como dices ahora tienes la prioridad de terminar la escuela y es un montón pero se que te dará los frutos y resultados que buscas.

    Un abrazo y bonito fin, Chio
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    El 23/06/2013, a las 01:03 a.m., “Implicado” escribió:


  3. You are making wise choices for change! And you aren’t “quitting”….you are moving forward under different times to do other things for your good in other areas. Keep up the biking.

  4. Change is usually hard – it’s very natural to feel resistance to it. It sounds like your perspective is terrific, though.

    If that is your former gym, I’m very impressed! It looks gorgeous!

    1. You are right. Maybe I should just flow and see what happens.
      Yeap, that is/was my gym. I have until the end of this month to use it (it is already paid). I might go one las time.
      Thank you for stopping by!

  5. sorry to read this but as the old saying goes: one door slams shut, another one opens…sometimes we find a better place. ☺
    jump rope. best investment. cheap too. 🙂

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