With a Little Push

Today I needed a “little  EXTRA  push”. Sometimes when things just don’t look right and you are about to send everything to… far away from you, is when something that you don’t expect happens.

Well, it made me think that in the crowd, there is people that care for others.

That fact reminded me the photo I took over the weekend that resembles just exactly what it is like to have some help sent from above.

This “silver samaritan” gave a little push to the man in the  yellow truck. I don’t know if it was enough or not, but I do know that after having helped that person, Silverman was going to go straight to the sky or heaven, or else, why the ladder?

Helping others is a way of helping oneself.


12 thoughts on “With a Little Push

  1. I hope this wonderful photo inspired you to push on. Our inspiration can come from unexpected sources. This photo you took is one of those.


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