15 comments on “To See The World

  1. your daughter is learning from you as you are with her – wonderful to read about young people having goals and working hard to do good things. i believe no matter what age, we should never stop dreaming. very inspiring words – thanks. 🙂


  2. Your daughters jar is so beautiful; and your comments almost brought me to tears. Lately I have been wondering about what is “possible”, and wondering why I haven’t pursued my dreams more vigilantly… you’ve given me more to think about. But if I’m honest, I’m not sure that I want to think about it – I’m afraid the only ‘real’ thing that will happen is that my heart will hurt.


    • 🙂
      There is a saying that if you want something you go and get it, because the only thing that falls from the sky is rain.

      That said, the effort we put in the things we want can be great… and we might have a bumpy road, but one thing is sure: the hardest it takes, the more we will get in satisfaction of having attained our goals.

      When one fears of what might happen, whatever that might be, that obstructs our means and our ways…

      I made my list and if I remember well… don’t you have a bucket list? perhaps is time to update it!

      Best of luck!


    • I hope those sentences bring up some challenges and desires.. One never knows what will come until one dares to go for what we want… It might not be easy, but who said good things fall from a tree? Thank you for stopping by!


  3. Beautiful post Cedric!
    I am a firm believer in never giving up on your dreams. It is your belief – within reason of course – that makes them come true. Here’s wishing your daughter’s dreams come true, and yours too 🙂


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