To Shoot or Not to Shoot! That is The Question

It turns out that I just upgraded my camera from a 50D (in the picture) to a 5D Mark III so I decided to put the old one  for sale.

Well to my surprise my well kept camera  is playing hard to sell.  Buyers  say that it has taken too many shots (30,000) if the counter is right, in two years time. So some just don’t want to pay the price.

Since this argument did not seem plausible to me I did some research…..

And yes, too many shots wears out the diaphragm  and that could cause some of the curtains not to retract accordingly. For my good luck, for a camera like this, that would happen sometime between the 100,000 or 300,000 shot!! So it still has some photos to take.

Nevertheless buyers would still try to use this argument to get my body (meaning the camera’s body) for cheap. (hahaha! sorry made myself laugh)

With this in mind a question arises: In order for your camera to have a good resale price, Should you take many photos or try to take photos in a precarious way, at a minimum?

Honestly I don’t care what the counter counts. I love taking photographs, bursts, singles, portrait, street… EVERYTHING!

So if I don’t get to sell my first pro-camera I might as well keep it as a back up!.


El Conejo. (The Rabbit)

This is “el conejo”?

Which one? the man? The donkey or the dog?

You got it right. El conejo is the donkey. guessed wrong?

That is what the green sign on top of the donkey says: “Take a picture with El Conejo, the happy donkey for $3.00”

I do not know if that is right marketing. At all. What I do know is that the dog was there to supervise. 🙂

The Narrow View

Today I was complaining about  why things don’t go the way I want.

Someone near to me say, hey! The way you want it doesn’t mean it is the best for you… so I stopped for a minute (actually hours) to think.

…and think.

As it turns out, I have a selfish and inadvertently way to see things, for what I want, must happen right now. I didn’t realize that sometimes one makes mistakes in order to look for instant gratification.

I was wrong. For sure I can see a part of what I think will be good for me, but nevertheless is just a narrow view of the good things that awaits me that I can’t see.

The best action to take is … to wait. To wait because if I don’t get what I want it is because something better is being created for me that will go beyond my own expectation,  because what I see now is just a small part of the whole thing.

Alphabet Soup

Everything is random!

and not.

One always manages to find meanings, to accommodate what comes and use it in our favor. Even when in trouble, we will manage to put every piece in perspective, and put it in the  right order….

Caos is an invention from someone with a big lack of faith and trust.

When the pieces show up, we will know their right place.

The image below contains phrases made up with car’s license plates. I don’t imagine where they came from. Better not to ask. Then chopped, letter by letter, numbers, not forgetting about color. The result?  Inspiring phrases everybody likes to hear!

Who’s Got The Fish?

Have I talked to you about challenges?

It is not that I want to confuse you with the who’s got my cheese kind of version….

Seems to me that every obstacle  we face is just an opportunity to test ourselves, because it wouldn’t be there if we couldn’t go through.

Perhaps we just need to change our outlook to tough situations with a “I can” kind of posture. So if you have one right now as I do, welcome it! We are going to make it.