To Shoot or Not to Shoot! That is The Question

It turns out that I just upgraded my camera from a 50D (in the picture) to a 5D Mark III so I decided to put the old one  for sale.

Well to my surprise my well kept camera  is playing hard to sell.  Buyers  say that it has taken too many shots (30,000) if the counter is right, in two years time. So some just don’t want to pay the price.

Since this argument did not seem plausible to me I did some research…..

And yes, too many shots wears out the diaphragm  and that could cause some of the curtains not to retract accordingly. For my good luck, for a camera like this, that would happen sometime between the 100,000 or 300,000 shot!! So it still has some photos to take.

Nevertheless buyers would still try to use this argument to get my body (meaning the camera’s body) for cheap. (hahaha! sorry made myself laugh)

With this in mind a question arises: In order for your camera to have a good resale price, Should you take many photos or try to take photos in a precarious way, at a minimum?

Honestly I don’t care what the counter counts. I love taking photographs, bursts, singles, portrait, street… EVERYTHING!

So if I don’t get to sell my first pro-camera I might as well keep it as a back up!.


18 thoughts on “To Shoot or Not to Shoot! That is The Question

  1. Hmm, I had no idea that a camera had a “mileage” rating similar to a car… interesting!

    I say use any item for the purpose it was acquired for; why buy a car if you don’t feel that you can drive it for fear of adding miles to the odometer? Similarly, why have a camera if you don’t feel you can take photos with it? 🙂

      1. To Shoot or not to Shoot? i believe would be correct – “shot” would be like the song: I shot the sheriff but i did not kill the deputy. 🙂

      2. For having English be a second (or third?) language for yourself, I think you do a fantastic job with your blog posts! Seriously. I know if I wrote a blog in French (my second language) I wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

  2. hard decision – either keep it for back up (but will you ever use it??) or sell but do not advertise a set price, maybe ask for best offer to see what kind of offers you get. or reduce your original price or wait for the argument to get your body for cheap. 😆

  3. You know the camera very well, so it needs to stay with you. There may be times you don’t want to take your best camera as it is a vulnerable setting/ scene/ Thanks for all the likes on my blog today.

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