Never Give Up

Giving up is an option? it is.

Never giving up is an option? yes.

It will all depend on where we want to go. It is easy to keep the status quo, hard is keeping moving forward. One can stop and stay, others can stop, rest, and continue.

At the end all of us will see how far we went when we look behind us. The only promise we have from life is there will be wind at our faces, and there will be a motor moving our desires, (Note the OM symbol down at the rear part of the VW Wagon), and if we are lucky, we will have good company.

(Double click to enlarge photograph)


8 thoughts on “Never Give Up

      1. Don’t photoshop that out! I think it’s important that if you’re going to present a commentary based on reality, that it be REAL. Life ain’t perfect – and the complexity of this van is a great representation of that.

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