Getting rid of some past, doing some cleaning, I will quit my job tomorrow. 🙂

To blunt?… two weeks notice.

I was getting some dust over my wings so I needed to start something new.

 It has always being hard to stay at one place for long, mainly a place where I can’t develop my skills or even state my opinion.

In the past I left consulting because I got tired of it after more than a decade of  long working days. Have to say that even though those days were tough, they were quite fulfilling.

I am going back to basics with different colors. I don’t know if it will be better (hope so) but  I do know that I will like it. Risks? many, the same as staying at the current job.

You probably have seen the movie Castaway, where a man gets stuck at an island. Well, it is the same feeling. One might have everything that is needed to live a life but at some point one just gets tired of the “comfort” where almost all you need is at the reach of your hand. I am about to hop into a little raft with an improvised sail and test if all what I have learned  helps me to survive. In case of an emergency I will only have let go and  trust my destiny . Here we go…

…A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor…


12 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. Suerte! Sounds like you’ve got your mind in the right place to make it work! I love your saying going back to basics with different colors! That’s a great way to look at it!!! I love this photo too.

  2. Kudos to you for making a bold move, and for doing what you feel is the right choice for your life (and not clinging to comfort). I’m VERY proud of you! And I wish you only the best as you move into this next phase of your journey…

  3. that’s a wonderful wall painting and so appropriate for your new chapter in your life, Cedric. life’s an exciting adventure when we strive to challenge ourselves outside of our creature comfort levels. you GO, Cedric! 😛

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