Let’s Start From Zero

Here is a saying everybody knows, and nobody knows what to do with it:  Yesterday is gone, the future hasn’t come yet and we only live the present. Well, it is something like that, let’s not get perfect.

The truth is that there is nothing we can do about what we lived yesterday, (sorry, that is a fact unless you are cheating traveling to the past and are t0o selfish not sharing about it). We might want to do many things tomorrow but tomorrow nobody knows what will bring… and if there is a tomorrow there  is procrastination, so why not do what we have to do when we have the time to do it? (just being repetitive…).

The secret: got the time to do what is needed? do it, don’t wait. Tomorrow maybe? Well there might not be one.

Today is the day #116 out of #365. Let’s get creative and seize the day!

..And forget about yesterday’s load. Most of the time we are the only ones that remember and no one else.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Start From Zero

  1. It’s wonderful advice. I’m very good about the second half (doing today instead of putting off until tomorrow), but really struggle with the first half (letting go of yesterday). Maybe one of these days…

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