Globalized World? Let´s Drink to That!

This display is set at one of our supermarkets in Mexico City. First I thought it was a common view, to later realize that we have access  to many biers from many places in the world!

I am thinking right know that I should have taken more shots (photos I mean 🙂 ). There were more brands to see like: Erdinger (my favorite), Hacker-Pschorr (which I am drinking right now) and some from Belgium (with a pink elephant in the label), and some from Spain and some from just everywhere…

Yes, this might be a sign of a globalized world, so, why not  drink to that!




3 thoughts on “Globalized World? Let´s Drink to That!

  1. Our supermarkets are not allowed to sell alcohol (some states do allow this, but the one I live in doesn’t). But our liquor stores generally have a wide assortment of global beverages. What country produces your favorite beer?

    1. ….not allowed in supermarkets? In Mexico is the only place they sell them. Liquour stores are only for liguour… strange, right?

      I would have to say Germany, though we have many good brands. Care for a Corona?

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