Stopped For a Hand, Friendship, Love, and Hope

Last week, Tuesday if a recall, I hit a car. I was looking  for a place to park, when spotted,  I turned  the steering wheel all the way to the right and hit a passing car, whose driver was not an expert at avoiding incoming objects. (oh well!).

Yesterday driving a friend’s car (mine was at the body shop) I hit another car bumper to bumper. After a long discussion of who was at fault we realized it was a minor scratch, that a nearby policeman had seen that the car in front of me had suddenly stopped and that it was not worth the waste of time, so we both drivers were allowed to leave.

That was so stressing!

On my way to work I saw a playground and a wall paint. I parked my car, well my friend’s car. The paint on the wall has leaves made of hands, children’s hands and around it you can read: friendship, love and hope. I stayed there for about 15 minutes, balancing on the swing, thinking about all my blessings. Then I left with a serene mind  and everything went smooth.



14 thoughts on “Stopped For a Hand, Friendship, Love, and Hope

      1. west517

        Its impossible 🙂 Try to do something nice for yourself like…. buying your favorite coffee ~ if youre a coffee drinker that is 🙂

  1. Really beautiful: you went from stress mode to relaxation by getting in touch with your inner child. Whenever the adult world gets to me (and i’ve had 4 decades of it to get to me! 🙂 ) I try to remember who and what I was in High School. I think this is the last time in our lives that we’re ever truly who we are at our core on a daily basis. Doing this works for me as your playground stop worked for you. We really DO need to slow down once in a while and remember!

  2. gosh, good they were only small accidents…i mean no injuries to humans, just the vehicles and that can be replaced. how wonderful at the very moment you needed your centering, the Universe places the perfect setting for you. some people would have totally missed it but good you took the message in. right on!

  3. A beautiful spot to regroup, reground, and remember what is really important in life. What a gift that school, and those children, offered to you. And lovely that you were present enough to accept it.

    I hope all is well now.

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