Two to Tango

Again, visiting Argentina.

It is a nice city with many contrasts. Coming from a more complex one in all the senses, Buenos Aires gives a fresh look to its people, places and activities.

There is Tango on the streets in hope that tourists will drop some coins on the hat laid on the floor for that purpose. Business is good, many companies pay big dollars for projects: tech, assessments, exports. Even this, citizen’s income is not good enough.

Last time I visited, about 3 years ago, the exchange rate was $4.30 argentine pesos/US, this time it was $9.13/US. So devaluation  has hit them hard. They will find their way out soon if they choose wisely: it is election time.

In the meantime, I will be posting photos from this part of the world, just about 8,000 kilometers and 9 and half hours trip away from Mexico.

two to tango




7 thoughts on “Two to Tango

  1. The economy is in trouble in so many places around the world. 😦 I hope you have a great trip – and I hope everyone is able to make ends meet. Not having enough resources is so difficult….

    1. It is. Still people get a way to handle tough times. Hopefully they will make it there the same way we try to make it in Mexico, and in so many other places that faces challenges with the economy. My trip was better than the one I did some years ago when I faced “their” financial issues with my money. Funny thing, that time they got my money which was mexican pesos and anyway they still wanted it. There might be a black market for any sort of foreign bills! This time I took more care of myself. It was ok. 🙂

    1. Como que por poco! cuando fuiste? Yo estuve desde el domingo 26, llegue en la mañana y me fui el sábado 1ro por la noche! Ah, ademas viaje por AA con escala en Miami. Así que tuviste muchos días para tropezarte conmigo. jajaja! Bueno, será en una de tus clases

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