In 2000 – Music

I used to have a tab for music but I think it is not of easy access, so I decided to add my music posts as regular ones.

You will see them once in a while, mainly pop-rock Latin music, mainly mexican.

Natalia Lafourcade – Mexican

Review by Phil Freeman

Perky singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natalia Lafourcade came out of nowhere in 2003 with this chirpy yet surprisingly self-assured debut. Primarily produced by Loris Ceroni, who’d also worked with the substantially harder-rocking Alejandra Guzmán, the album nevertheless reflects Lafourcade’s sensibility throughout. Songs combine acoustic guitar and a strong bossa nova influence with dashes of turntable, electronic beats, and textural sound effects like vinyl crackle.


9 thoughts on “In 2000 – Music

    1. It’s about what changes she wants for the year 2000 and talks about what comes next day, and that she is not the the childish innocent creature that she was.
      She is the singer, just dressed up for the song’s theme. Thanks for listening!

      1. It sounds fun, and full of positive energy. A bit different from what I am used to listening daily but a lovely exception. I enjoy such “discoveries” a lot. And the good part – the universal language of music is perfect to listen to so… even without properly understanding all of the lyrics it is a pleasure. 🙂

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