London Tower Bridge

A not so classic take of the Tower Bridge.Tower Bridge


First World War, The Monument to the Mexican Revolution, Zimmerman Telegram

The Mexican Revolution was one of the few ones in the world, with specific reasons mainly social.

La revolución mexicana fue una de las pocas que hubo en el mundo, principalmente por razones sociales.

Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa, the Revolution General that invaded the US and robbed banks for the cause.


Revolucionarios, Men and armed Women (Adelitas)

Territorio de Mexico

Mexican Territory, through time.

The Monument  building was initially planned as the Federal Legislative Palace during the regime of Porfirio Díaz, but its construction stopped when the Revolution started. There was no money to finish this glorious project.

Inicialmente el edificio iba a ser el palacio federal legislativo, iniciando durante el régimen de Porfirio Díaz, sin embargo, la construcción se detuvo por la Revolución y el presupuesto se asignaba a otras partidas.

Palacio Legislativo

The Federal Legislative Palace that never was built.

Monumento Revolucion Mexicana

The main part of the building, 60 meters high. Was going to  be demolished.



Today the Monument holds the history of the Mexican Revolution along some painting replicas from authors of  that time like Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco among others.

Hoy en día, en el monumento hay datos históricos de la Revolución mexicana, junto con réplicas de pintores y muralistas de la época como : Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco entre otros.

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There is also a copy of the Zimmerman Telegram which was intercepted by the United Kingdom and it gave reasons for the United States to participate in the First World War. The telegram was a request from the Foreign Secretary of the German Empire, Arthur Zimmerman, to his ambassador in Mexico instructing him to make a proposal to make an alliance with Mexican Government to make a common front against the U.S.

También existe una copia del telegrama Zimmermann, el cual fue interceptado por el Reino Unido el cual dio motivos para que los Estados Unidos participaran en la primera guerra mundial. El telegrama fue una solicitud del Secretario de Asuntos Exteriores, Arthur Zimmermann a su embajador en México para que este hiciera una propuesta de alianza con México para formar un frente común contra los Estados Unidos.


Mexico denied the existence of such telegram, and that made leverage to make negotiations with the U.S. The rest is history.

México negó la existencia del telegrama mismo que le dio ventaja para hacer negociaciones con los Estados Unidos. El resto es historia.

Telegrama ZimmermannZimmermann Telegram

Silla Presidencial
Replica of the Mexican Presidential Chair.

The Right Company

Since this one can have many interpretations, I will talk about street photography.

It is not that I go wandering around taking random pictures. Well, on a second thought, it is something like that but I have to be very discreet.

So, the way of taking pictures like that is not standing just in front of people with your camera pointing at them. What I do is that I place my camera on my hip, facing to a different direction that my camera is pointing at, with an already medium focus distance set and then I click the button not after listening the shoot-ready sound the camera makes. Later, I will have to do some post-processing since sometimes photographs are out of focus or pointing to the floor or maybe too high.

The right company

Bridge Monumento a la Mujer, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meetings – Now From Home.

Meetings now have somehow changed.

Thanks to (or not) to technology, now it is easier to have meetings with people from around the globe. Now the only drawback is timezones. I have to be aware what time is in India, 10.5 hours ahead, or Colombia or Singapore with 14+ hours difference.

Talk to people you don’t know? Well the most I can do is see their photo on the company directory and catch an idea of how they would be like, but most of the time I get the wrong impression. And on top of that, most of my colleagues work from home, another variation to “old time” working style….

How I miss the face to face meetings.

Stonehenge and me.

I was told not to go to Stonehenge, acquaintances from work, tourists, and locals.

I had already lost my tour since I misplaced my printed ticket and I was told to get another at the tour office. Which tour office? I didn’t find the office and the bus left without me. Later I would find out that they were sorry they left me because I was, indeed, on the passenger list. It would be until next week, on a Saturday that I could take the tour again. I was hesitant.

I was pondering the comments I received about Stonehenge, the fact that I would be going by myself, I was going to miss the activities I had planned for that day, and at the end that place was just a bunch of stones placed next to one another and some on top.

Living in a country full of pyramids, I had to take back my statement about Stonehenge being only a tiers of stones. From my state of being at that moment, Stonehenge was more than what I was told, I was really moved by being there. I don’t regret it now and for sure I will be back.