Stonehenge and me.

I was told not to go to Stonehenge, acquaintances from work, tourists, and locals.

I had already lost my tour since I misplaced my printed ticket and I was told to get another at the tour office. Which tour office? I didn’t find the office and the bus left without me. Later I would find out that they were sorry they left me because I was, indeed, on the passenger list. It would be until next week, on a Saturday that I could take the tour again. I was hesitant.

I was pondering the comments I received about Stonehenge, the fact that I would be going by myself, I was going to miss the activities I had planned for that day, and at the end that place was just a bunch of stones placed next to one another and some on top.

Living in a country full of pyramids, I had to take back my statement about Stonehenge being only a tiers of stones. From my state of being at that moment, Stonehenge was more than what I was told, I was really moved by being there. I don’t regret it now and for sure I will be back.





6 thoughts on “Stonehenge and me.

  1. Stonehenge is smaller than people expect but it is still a place of wonder. I’m glad you took the chance to visit. Next on your English ancient monuments should be Avebury 🙂

  2. Before I had a chance to see Stonehenge, somebody told me it wasn’t worth going too. Too small, they said. Disappointing, they said. I went anyway, and as we drove toward it, it did look tiny. Then it got much bigger, so big it loomed and towered over everyone.

    It’s an amazing place, absolutely awesome, and everyone who has a chance should go see it. I’m glad you were able to go.

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