2 comments on “Mercury In Retrograde 2016

  1. Well here’s a bit of irony: JUST as I finished reading this post, my computer unexpectedly died. Like, it just shut down all by itself. Fortunately it’s back up and running – but still! Sheesh! Don’t go hexing my technology, now! 🙂

    • hahaha LOL! Not meant to! That is exactly the same thing that happened to me with the exception that my computer now doesn’t work. I have to take it to the technician and see from there… Fortunately you have a backup. I don’t know how often will I be posting since all may photographs are in that machine… Well, will figure something out. Do check your backups frequently. I have to look for a third backup option just in case, because as of now, I have the hard disk, the backup disk AND no access to any of my files… Good to know in your case it was only a hiccup! 🙂

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