Mercury In Retrograde 2016

Mercury was in retrograde on Jan. 5-25

It turns out that Mercury reigns travel, communication, automobile, technology, and contracts.

When Mercury is in retrograde it is like it is moving backwards through the zodiac and this just happened and will happen this year two or three more times. According to the ones who really know, one could experience delay and frustration.

What does it have to do with me?  ha! First I thought nothing.

A friend of my told me that I should back up my computer and be certain that the backup did worked. Since I have automatic backups set with Time Machine (an iMac feature), I just re-ran it and presto, then I double checked it worked and ta-da! all set. Actually that is what I do on a daily basis and just did it an extra time, just in case.

That was on Jan 5th. On Jan 6th may computer did not start. Yes, it just didn’t start.

Being literate about computers I figured out a way to diagnose it. The (GPU) Graphic Processing Unit is damaged. 😦  The good thing is that it can be replaced so I just need to go to the technician and see how much that is going to cost.

Another event is that my car has been at the shop for almost 2 months, body work is needed since I skid and hit the right fender. Nothing to do with Mercury with the exception of having my car back. It took a month to start fixing it because of parts were not available, then it took two weeks to repair it, and finally three weeks getting it since by the time it was ready  it was faulty for a different reason….go figure. Going back and forward with the insurance company, bad communication, phone calls not returned and you probably know the rest. I just got my car today.

So that makes my Mercury retrograde: delays, delays and breakdowns. I am not a superstitious person, but I have realized that when you are more conscious of your surroundings, of your environment, that is when you start realizing of how some forces (like in physics) affect us.

Note: next Mercury retrograde on April 28-May 22, Aug. 30 to Sept. 22 and Dec. 19 to 31.

imac flickr

How my computer screen looks now.


2 thoughts on “Mercury In Retrograde 2016

  1. Well here’s a bit of irony: JUST as I finished reading this post, my computer unexpectedly died. Like, it just shut down all by itself. Fortunately it’s back up and running – but still! Sheesh! Don’t go hexing my technology, now! 🙂

    1. hahaha LOL! Not meant to! That is exactly the same thing that happened to me with the exception that my computer now doesn’t work. I have to take it to the technician and see from there… Fortunately you have a backup. I don’t know how often will I be posting since all may photographs are in that machine… Well, will figure something out. Do check your backups frequently. I have to look for a third backup option just in case, because as of now, I have the hard disk, the backup disk AND no access to any of my files… Good to know in your case it was only a hiccup! 🙂

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