7 comments on “Trump Wins and Mexico Does.

  1. You and many others represent your country well, and I am so very sorry how our species seems to be devolving. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the wall were built, and a man-eating monster began eating those on the other side, starting with the most evil ones first? they’d be begging to get out yet trapped in their own prison.

    • Well, things have changed so much in the last 5 years that leads me to think anything is possible. What is ironic is the ignorance in the world for not knowing that any action affects the whole world including themselves. People get what they give. I would be careful just in case….
      Thanks for your comments, be well!

  2. Hopefully the world knows that Trump does NOT represent MANY Americans (or our ideas/values/morals). I hope my fellow citizens vote their conscience on Tuesday.

    • If I may say it is not an easy choice. Some have felt behind not supported by the current system, and it looks to me that that is one of the reasons to go the other way. Perhaps if Mr Trump wouldn’t be so aggressive to certain groups it could be different. I am one of the cases, like many, that was dragged into the States due to my tech skills, so making a statement where the ones that are not alike are bad is misleading. I thought about wearing my MX t-shirt these days, but it may not be safe. Can you imagine that contrast? It is just crazy. I wish everyone is satisfied with the outcome they get on this election time. Be well and chose right!

      • I think you are much more tactful than many individuals who have a say in this election. 🙂 I have submitted my choices (I was able to vote early), and am now anticipating the official results. My fingers are crossed that the strong majority in this country have made a positive choice!

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