Visiting H.Q.

Office HQ

I always enjoy coming to the office. I do so every year or so at least to corporate.  I always wanted to travel, never thought I would go to so many cities, even when I worked at another company. It is the time I take extra days to get acquainted with the places, making friends and sharing with strangers. One life, one chance. Have to make the best of every moment.

Office HQ


6 thoughts on “Visiting H.Q.

  1. Hi Cedric – Could you pop over here and give a hand with a little OBI issue we’re having 😉 That’s a rather iconic set of buildings at your HQ. It’s good to hook up with colleagues who you don’t meet from one year to the next. Thanksgiving / Christmas are a good time to meet – I’ve got two gatherings to attend where I will see old work colleagues some of whom I’ve known for over 40 years! Hope you haver a great time in San Francisco – The closest I’ve been is in American Truck Sim 😉

    1. You mean OBI, what version? haha! The campus is very nice, used to be an amusement park, now it only amuses me how far it has come after many years, 17 in my case, when every SW program was in character mode . One year ago was London, I do not know what will be next year but my request is anywhere but Hawaii because I would skip all meetings for sure. I will wait for Christmas since it is just around the corner and Thanksgiving is driving everyone sales-shopping-crazy! In the meantime I will look into Premier Support for your bug in case it is not user-driven. lol

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