Sky and Heaven

Saturday 23rd, I had to wake up 5:00 in the morning and drive 50 kms north. A one hour drive to  Xochitla park where hot air balloons were going to be launched. I wanted to go there since I had missed that event at least three times and it is only once a year.

Hot air balloons

I could see the massive balloons being filled up, first with a couple of fans for cold air and as they started to have a round shape they would use propane burners to make them lift up from the ground. After that, it would take few time to have them ready for take off. The bigger ones for eight or then passengers would take longer and were the last to go.

I had only one concern that day, my uncle had been sick and doctors had said his time was short.

The take off was at 7:00 all passengers aboard. They would go as high as 15,000 meter and travel the skies for about two hours. I couldn’t hold my thoughts as the balloons started to rise up about what a beautiful sight this was to be shared with him.

I was back home at noon, packed with lots of photographs and a story. An hour later I learned that while I was watching the skies, my uncle was watching me from heaven. He passed away in his sleep at 7:00 am

Hot air balloons

Meet Hugo

This is Hugo, a cute little trained bird to get luck cards…

And that is about what I need since I have not been able to put my Mac back to work.
I can’t access my backup disk, and my computer won’t start.
I should have known better being a Tech guy! Well, data is there I just can’t read it. You see, Mac stores its files on a different file format that a PC can’t read, well basically since that is the way I formatted the disks.

Houston we have a problem.

So, the internal disk is ok and all my files are there. — checked!
I have a backup disk that secures my files so well I can’t see them because of how they are formatted. — checked
I have a third disk presumably to be used as the main backup disk, accessible through my network that I didn’t set as such — checked (ouch!)
I have two terabytes worth of space in the Cloud for backups, UNUSED — haha this one hurts.
I will ask Hugo for a backup strategy plan, one that allows me to have access to all my files in case of an event like this.

ps. I am setting up my laptop as my photographic lab in the meantime I solve my Mac issue.
Did I mention about all the photography software I can’t have access to? thought so. —checked.

Meet Hugo.

Meet Hugo


Luis wanted to say hi!

Meet Luis