Gran Hotel Alameda, Aguascalientes

This is an actual picture with an “Attic” filter. It is in Aguascalientes a state in Mexico know for its bullfighting predilections.

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This photo I took was a polemic one.

There was some minor street fight and I started taking pictures. The friends I was with told me not to.
– Why? I replied.
-It is not safe.
-So what?
-Maybe police won’t like being photograph while they arrest the guy, they may take the camera away or the memory card.
-But why? What about if I were to photograph firemen putting off a fire, would that be acceptable? They are doing their job.
-Well, yes
-Then what is wrong with taking photos to the police doing their job??

Next, I was grabbed away by my friends. Too stuburn they said I am.

What would you have done?