An Angel With You, Even on Your Vacation


Thank you 2011. Thank you, yes You!

2011 just gone. 2012 Welcome!

Thanks to the year that just left, things look much better as one has more knowledge than before.  I can account for all the many things that didn’t go right during 2011, and that will also mean all the lessons I learned from those unfortunate events. So the balance turns to be positive either way. Positive energy can’t be without a Negative force that push us to make decisions and see through the many options life gives.

Thank you, yes YOU for visiting and following this blog. Believe me, every time you hit the “like” button, write a comment or follow, makes me work harder to make it more interesting to keep you hooked!   I promise I will do my best this 2012.

Thanks also to my cousin. I asked for an angel, and I received a friend.

Best wishes and a lot of success for this 2012. Enjoy each day! God bless!

We are all Angels

It might be a strange interpretation of a Window for the Weekly Photo Challenge, but many times is what I would like to see. An angel coming through an imaginary frame, spanding its wings and keeping me safe.

We are all angels on earth. It is not a matter to gain your wings, but to realize that you have them and when you do, one sees from atop and then all your worries fade away, meaningless. They will appear most likely when you are in the Now. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but in this precise instant.