Stare Faces Balloons

This balloons are at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires. They are all huddle in a big room where people make a line to enter into and then walk or run through them. It is a fun experience.

I spent 15 days in Buenos Aires and had the chance to go many places I hadn’t been in my previous visits. More posts to come on one of my favorites cities.


Letters to Heaven

This time of the year when we all make wishes, set goals, look after a better life, drop or hope to drop a bad habit…. Hope or try getting a new one… (with the best chances to be a good one..)

That all is ok but since I am the kind of rebellious one I have decided to go the other way around.

Nope, it is not that I will turn bad or anything like that. It is just that I will make my life easier. How? Living one day at the time, doing the best I can do, doing the things I like and love. Forgetting to be perfect, just doing it better to my liking, not to other’s expectations.


Life sometimes is just like a balloon, and like a letter attached to it, being it all our dreams waiting to be read… not knowing when that balloon will go off or if the letter will get its destination.  My best guess is just to hang on to it and enjoy the view at the heights, just like a tourist learning new ways, persons and customs, from a far as an spectator, with no judgement and just looking how things are done and said in some other places.

My only wish for this 2015 is just to be happy, and I think I can make this single task each day and if not I have 365 chances to get better at it.

Let’s just be happy.