Bike Chants


Handicap Parking

Sorry about the repetitive bike theme, but that’s what I do all weekends. Anyways,  we left or bikes locked on a light pole and left for a walk on the street, when we came back we realized there was a handicap sign. First, we didn’t intend to park our bikes there, then we thought.

Wait a minute, there is no access to the sidewalk, there is no parking allowed on this street, how did this sign get here? We came to the conclusion that City Hall had some extra signs and just placed them on random places!

You get to choose!

You get to choose.. yes! You get to choose the bike you are going to ride for 30 minutes for free within the city (as long as you are a registered user). But, you can’t choose the color as red is the only option!

The Eco Bici was implemented 2 or 3 years ago and its purpose is to promote the use of bikes as a regular transport. For starters you pay the equivalent to $30US to have access to the bikes for one year. There are several stations around downtown so you can “hop around”. If you take longer than 30minutes a day, you will be charged an extra fee.

There are these kind of trucks that re-distribute the bikes among stations so you can always find one to use.

Similar concept in Lodon. Know of any other place where bike is a proposal?

Some other countries that have the same: Lyon, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Helsinki, Sweden, Canada..