A Boat

A Boat


Xochimilco, Canals of Colour

Xochimilco is a 170 KM canal system. These canals are all of what is left of what used to be a vast lake and canal system that extended over most parts of the Valley of Mexico.

This system of waterways was used for transportation means from the pre-Hispanic period until the 20th century.These remaining canals and their ecosystem were declared a World Heritage Site in 1987.

Who Steers your Wheel?

There are times that I wonder if I do what I want or if I do what others want, and it’s not that I don’t do what I want, but there are I times that I please many people and leave myself in second place. So I thought, what about myself?

I decided to give  my life a 180 degrees steer. Now  things are different in a good way… I set a couple of goals. I was surprised that things just started falling into place. They have come rather easy to me. Perhaps, they were just waiting for me to call for my undeniable rights.

Have you asked yourself, who steers your wheel?