Billboards (more..)

These are wall-size billboards at the corner  Polanco’s neighborhood, one of exclusive places to live in Mexico, crowded and with lots of traffic and with a lot of shopping. 🙂




Getting Close to Flowers

I am trying to improve my flowers photography, and since I am not getting the desired result, I am starting, one more time, by getting closer. So I got close.

This is a “fashion” flower shop, as it’s sign says. (?) I was going to crop the photo, but didn’t look right, so I left it as it is. The thing is that this hause is a very old one, has tall walls and too much brick, and even though the windows are big and so the door, the wall is much taller and bigger.

I’m a Marketing Card

There’s a cute way of doning marketing these days…

The idea is that you can take one of these cards for free. On the font they have a catchy line and on the back they will have an advertisement from a firm.

The lines would go something like:

“Ain’t I the best?”

“I give you” and on the back “Everything you need”

“I am a collectible”

“Take me with you”

“Contact me”

“I am free”

…and they also fold or letters stick out from the cartoon!!