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Mexican Crafts


Doves – Stained Glass

One of my hobbies, stained glass. Once I saw a friend working with glass, that is when I literally fell in love. (with the crafting). I thought it was easy and that I was made to it. It took me a while to learn that it was not as easy as I thought!

Took me years to learn and I think I did it well. Here are some photos of the process of this piece, from the finished one to the starting steps.

Stained Glass Doves. (30 centimeters diameter)

The design. So very important to have good design. If it is well performed you have a pretty good chance that it will turn out good. In this step you will see if the piece is doable or impossible.

For this one,in order to keep the dove balanced I drew one and then I transport it to make 3 match.

After the drawing is finished, you make 2 copies of it on cardboard. One will be the guide for assembly and the other will be cut  into pieces to be used as patterns over the glass, and the cut it.

Once all the pieces are cut they are refined (cut all excedents to make them match to the cardboard pattern), to be covered with copper foil and start putting the puzzle together, one by one….

Once they are all together, you start soldering… There are some other steps, but I will just stop here. Don’t want to get you bored with details.