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Misunderstood Mexican Restaurant

This is La Lupita, a mexican restaurant in Buenos Aires.

The food as you could expect tastes good, but is not mexican food. It may look like it but it is not. That is understandable since ingredients are hard to find in Argentina and they don’t taste the same. I can prove it. So as for food goes, you can go and have some very strange mixed names of mexican-argentinian food. No problem with that.

La Lupita, Arg

The decoration is really far off for what a mexican restaurant would look like. The abuse of color is a main characteristic of mexican culture which some may like and some may not. But the way the images are depicted are in no way, let me repeat it, in no way mexican. One of the main icons for mexicans is the Virgin of Guadalupe which represents our culture being 92% catholic. Do you think we would put a wrestler mask on the virgin’s face?. We also have a cult for death and let me be more specific. We don’t worship death, we mock death and laugh at it and we think that we can cheat it.

So the use of skeletons and death figures is more tetric than representative.

On top of all this, there is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the roof. (see video)

So if you happen to be there, you won’t get sick but it is definitely the wrong concept of a mexican restaurant.

La Lupita, Arg



London Eye / Mexican Eye

This post has two purposes:

The first one is show you Puebla’s Wheel of Fortune (Puebla is a state in Mexico) and secondly to ask you for tips about do’s/don’ts when traveling to London since I will be there on September and I want to do all I can during my stay.

Even though Puebla’s  Wheel of Fortune is not at all like the London Eye  (or the Millennium Wheel, I have done my research 😉 ) it has a Guinness world record, which I will tell you a the end of this post…

Here a photo of the London Eye (from Wikipedia): Hight :135 meters, Diameter: 120 meters, Cost 70 million pounds.



Now a photo of Puebla’s Wheel of Fortune: Hight: 80 meters, Cost 200 million pesos that come to 12 million pounds.

rueda fortuna puebla



According to Guinness World Records this is the wheel of larger diameter (sure?) that can be itinerant, it can be removed, disassembled and reassembled at another place.. (yes!)



Two to Tango

Again, visiting Argentina.

It is a nice city with many contrasts. Coming from a more complex one in all the senses, Buenos Aires gives a fresh look to its people, places and activities.

There is Tango on the streets in hope that tourists will drop some coins on the hat laid on the floor for that purpose. Business is good, many companies pay big dollars for projects: tech, assessments, exports. Even this, citizen’s income is not good enough.

Last time I visited, about 3 years ago, the exchange rate was $4.30 argentine pesos/US, this time it was $9.13/US. So devaluation  has hit them hard. They will find their way out soon if they choose wisely: it is election time.

In the meantime, I will be posting photos from this part of the world, just about 8,000 kilometers and 9 and half hours trip away from Mexico.

two to tango