It’s Greener on the Other Side


Capture the Colours

Colors? Mixed or single? It doesn’t matter! As has sent out a challenge to post  a photograph representing each 5 colors: blue, green, yellow, red and white . I was told there is even a color judge! (literally ) and surprisingly, a prize…

Tnak you Wanderlust Gene for the invitation! (Hopefully it will go well, like our last double summer post!).

How to enter the competition? Go to TravelSuperMarket and pick up the basics!

It was tough deciding which photo to choose and just at the end I decided to go by hunch! So these photographs are the ones “I feel like” to be a nice representation of each one.

What I also learned? I can get decent shots  when pressed! or is it when put under pressure?

Say it in Blue… A sculpture at sea level..Not the one with the umbrella, the other one next to it. It was raining that afternoon (no wonder about the umbrella, again).

Say it in White…. I first went to get the benches then when looking at the picture I had taken, I notice the white stands.. and looking farther I saw the white buildings and then.. the clouds? I had to add some contrast to it, so I planted a couple of palm trees and then waited… and waited… and waited until they poped up.

Say it in Green… Tacos! A whole cultural, art-deco-tasty movement! Self explanatory!

Say it in Yellow… You will notice that among all the objects (some unusual if you look close) in the store, there is a yellow light. The craftsman is melting glass and making some nice ship figures!

Say it in Red… I didn’t know if this photo was going to be for green or for red. At the end I thought that green, well, green is nice but I couldn’t find something to talk about green, so I chose red. Three musicians and singers warming up their voices and their instruments for a street performance.

I would like you to join me on this competition, come on! shake those cameras and do your thing! 🙂

Cee’s Life Photography





Thank you and best of luck!