Manners Matter

I remember my mother once told me… be polite and nice to others.

Well this is an example of why manners matter:

At a Coffe shop:

“Being educated, makes the difference”

One coffe: $40

One coffe please: $30

Good Morning, one coffe please: $20

What’s your pick?


32 thoughts on “Manners Matter

    1. Well, I have heard there are no coincidences….
      Manners are so important in our everyday life. Not just because is a way to behave oneself, but because it is a way to respect others, letting them know they are important.
      Thank you for your kind comments!

      Care for a coffe, sometime?

      My best wishes to you too. 🙂

      1. muchas grrrrrrrrrracias! i love this post! i love the person who designed that sign, please give them my best regards!
        and yes, i love your culture!
        spreading all of that love around, it would be rude not to include you in that chain of love! I love you too, and your lovely images, and kind spirit!


  1. Brilliant …. and fun, good manners normally pays off … but today people don’t even notice them anymore. So sad. When I hold up a door for somebody that don’t say thanks .. I asked them .. what they said, they always say … I didn’t say anything – okay, that must be what I heard then, I answer back. Great shot.

  2. Brilliant post, Cedric. ‘Manners maketh man’ is a quotation of William of Wykeham (1324 – 1404). It’s the motto of Winchester College and New College Oxford. Good manners cost nothing, but it’s amazing how many people are sadly lacking in manners.

  3. Fantastic! Good manners cost nothing, and it’s important to remember your Ps and Qs. Both aphorisms of my grandfather, and nothing changes! Thankyou for this photo, I would like to use it please (with your permission of course). Tony

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