Hamsters waiting for their turn


Hamsters, people…. making a line, waiting for their turn.


409,000 sq ft of Books, Vasconcelos Library

The Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City(forgot to put where it is) was inaugurated in 2006 and  finally opened in 2008.   It has to aisles that go around which look endless, a six-story full of books and media and a lower lobby where expositions are set or art/drawing classes are given. Look at the very short video so you can have  an idea of how big it is.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

This photo shows half of the aisle of the Library. The library is twice this long.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

Short Video of the Library

One can go for the expositions or art classes (living model included 🙂 ) at the library.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

This is one half of the Library.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos