In 2000 – Music

I used to have a tab for music but I think it is not of easy access, so I decided to add my music posts as regular ones.

You will see them once in a while, mainly pop-rock Latin music, mainly mexican.

Natalia Lafourcade – Mexican

Review by Phil Freeman

Perky singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Natalia Lafourcade came out of nowhere in 2003 with this chirpy yet surprisingly self-assured debut. Primarily produced by Loris Ceroni, who’d also worked with the substantially harder-rocking Alejandra Guzmán, the album nevertheless reflects Lafourcade’s sensibility throughout. Songs combine acoustic guitar and a strong bossa nova influence with dashes of turntable, electronic beats, and textural sound effects like vinyl crackle.


This is a new recording from my daughter Miranda. It’s a cover from Christina Perri.

I can’t say much because for obvious reasons… The music is played by one of his friends.

I hope you like it, you won’t get disappointed.

With One More Look at You

Had to choose between image or sound quality. I chose poorly since the sound video was much better, but with this one, one can see all the intention and passion.

I can’t say I know word by word of this track, though I do. A Star is Born, a film from 1976. For some strange reason I now all the songs and lyrics. I wouldn’t promise you a great picture, but I would recommend it if available still.


….I will solve the mystery, if you are the prize…

Refresh this tired eyes, with one more look at you…

I might overcome the anger that I have learn to know

Find my peace of mind I’ve lost so long ago

Your gentle touch has made me strong again…

And I belong again

For when you look at me, I’m everything and more that I had dreamed I’d be….



Everything: I don’t want much I just want more…