Corporate Cages

Yes. Corporate cages. This is a huge complex called Samara Shops. They thought it well, if you are going to be caged, at least have some minutes for window shopping or actually buy things they might never use.


Modern Times

The defibrillator is at the cafeteria where I work. I guess many offices have them. I used to do most of my work on the field, outside so I didn’t have the chance to see one.

This is really about the reflecting image of a vending machine on the glass.  No wonder there is a defibrillator handy. And if we were to take care less of ourselves each time, what will be next to that in the future? Would we let it happen?




This little insect stuck on my car’s window. At first I thought it was just a piece of hay or remains of a broken leaf. When I looked deeper I saw an insect like figure. Took my phone and tried to get an image several times until the lens captured it. Where are its wings?

Perseverance, Character

It has been a year since my daughter decided she wanted to do TV dubbing. At first it sounded impossible and then she made her casting (link to post). She also wanted to sing.  I didn’t know if that could be possible at all. Well, not the singing but that she could actually get a job like that.

Well, it’s done.

She has made the opening song for a TV serie, Girl Meets World (Sorry for the bad quality, I recorded it directly from TV).

This whole situation made me think about what one wants in life, about desires, about dreams, about all those projects in a box sitting inside the closet, on some forgotten shelf or in the basement of our heads.

For something that doesn’t look easy, can one accomplish it?

Is it impossible or is it just our limited mind believing things can’t be done?

My conclusion: Knowing what one wants and work has its fruits.

She is 14 years old.

Update: the studio recording from the opening. 🙂  Much better quality than the video.