Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

This is what I have for today’s challenge. Some beach at some very nice place.


Diana the Huntress

Diana the Huntress or better known as Diana La Cazadora, represents the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon or the Greek goddess Artemis. As for the sculpture this is as far as I could go (figurative speaking).

There is another side to the story. The Sculptor Juan Olaguíbel worked on this project during 1942, finishing it and the sculpture being set on Reforma Avenue on September of that year. The model was unknown for 50 years until 1992, when Helvia Martínez Verdayes declared she was the model for the sculptor when she was at age 16. She posed for free, asking only not to reveal her name due to the scandal that could mean to her.

From the first time being set to today, Diana Cazadora has suffered all kinds of abuse. At one time, the Mexican League of Decency dressed her with underclothes and at another time of heavy pollution, someone set a gas mask on her.

Today, after being moved around the city a couple of times because of constructions, she is now located at the intersection of Reforma Avenue with Sevilla Avenue and Rio Mississipi street.

Later it was known that she also posed for another work of the same sculptor, named The Fountain of Petroleum that celebrates the expropriation of the petroleum industry. Perhaps she asked for payment that time, but I really dont’t know. 🙂

Charros y Charras

Charro is a horseman and Charra is a horsewoman? Something like that.

These Charros march in the 16th September parade, to commemorate independence day.  Charreria has long been practiced in Mexico and is all about horse reining, heeling,  steer tailing and acts like bull riding, team roping, bareback on a wild mare, forefooting,  forefooting on horeseback, the pass of death and Escaramuza (skirmish) which is “an event for teams of women who perform precision equestrian displays riding sidesaddle and garbed in Adelita dress.”

By the way, anybody remembers Elvis Presley in the film Charro! back in 1969? (not me, but I have heard of it)

Clouds – by David Gates

I was very very young the first time I heard this song (honest!). I was thinking about what has made a mark in my life and this song has been around me all this time. Now, what you have to do is click play and read the lyrics below. 😀

See the clouds adrift so far below
Everchanging as they come and go
Makes me wonder why I’m up so high
When really I am down so low

Of all the wonders I was one allowed
I think that I would always choose a cloud
Always brings my feelings right out loud
Whether I’m ashamed or proud

On this airplane comin’ home to you
Sometimes I think I’ve flown my whole
life through
My whole life… through
As I wing my way to you

See the clouds they’re giving life below
In colors that the canvas cannot show
Keeping secrets no one else could know
For I’m the one who told them so

Now and then I get up close to you
I’d like to stay but I’m just passing through
So I’ll have to say goodbye…
Until next time I fly.

A Thank You Note.

To whom was in care of me in my restless times, without complain or hesitation, I write you this Thank You Note:

Just when times don’t look as promising, when there is uncertainty and doubt. When the only thing safe to think about is now, there comes all this love from friends and family and from life itself sending a message out and loud, perhaps not that clear, but strong enough to make me understand that no matter the course the paths may take, there will be a safe arrival. Always in perfect timing and with such a simple act. Thank you Brenda Regan with all my love.