Kitty Kitty Kitty…. Kitty Kitty…

big cat!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I used to have a laptop that didn’t work any more but that had some useful parts to be recycled to help me out with my resolutions….


For some strange reason, the letters here are misplaced. Could it be a “bug” on the laptop’s keyboard? _MG_4199





I know I left the “N” some place above… But I did have all the intention to put the letter between the “E” and “D”.

Care to be my FrieNd with a missing “N”? *(I think it is there someplace… oh! well..)._MG_4165

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

2012 Full of challenges. Let’s see what 2013 bringS!

Some photographs are really worth looking.

Salud! Prost! Cheers!

As a good long-time friend woud say:

” …if this year has taught us something, we will realize that there is nothing really to be changed.

Trust life, she doesn’t give us anything, or takes things away. She will free us, will make the load easy so we can fly higher every time….

We have what we need, we just don’t see it. We pay more attention on how to interpret life rather than to live it through what we feel.

We are anesthetized, we don’t feel ourselves, we focus more on what other’s feel for us, and we just think we are too important….

This 2012 showed us that we not always got what we wanted when we wanted it, but that we did at the time we needed it….

We didn’t lose time, just opportunities.

We only have this, one life to be lived.

With fear, but a special fear that guide us..

We stood for what was suposed to be, and we forgot to “be”.

We grow and still we don’t trust.

That belief that makes us think that a supernatural power  will work the miracles to put our lives right…

Let’s learn to laugh at ourselves! Let nothing stop us in the middle of our walking. Let’s face our life with will, the one that goes beyond common sense, the one that will makes us triumph when our mind says we are defeated…

Use judgment to acquire knowledge, not to condem.

Our possibilities are not the ones we are able to choose, but the ones that we are able to reach as living beings, capables of making choices for ourselves altogether with the risks. We are the only ones responsible for our lives.

This 2013 we will learn to respect our choices.

Let everyone live with the life that each has chosen.

Living in the world we don’t need anything from it because everything is already here.  No one has to be ours, because no one belongs to us.  No one forces us to go no where.

The secret is to want less so we can love ourselves more.

I wish you all to have the wisdom to not regret life, walking slow and secure, with trust, not supposing or just “thinking”, feeling each instant that time give us.

Happy New Year 2013!

Be blessed.

If you made it this far reading, I thank you.

As the saying goes “The curiosity killed the cat, but it died knowing.”

The friend? Our inner wisdom.