I Am.

A native elementary rural teacher gives a speech about the wonders of the natural forests of the country. Her payment, the recommendation to further promote the culture with the statement:  “I am what you see, I am the forest, I am the land that sees you grow.  Guard it.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

2012 Full of challenges. Let’s see what 2013 bringS!

Some photographs are really worth looking.

A Thought, A Shape, A Creation

For the last 2 or 3 months I have learned that your life is the result of your thoughts… (give me the benefit of the doubt, ok?)

Many times our thoughts are just…confusing… Shapeless…unclear.. weak… but they are there.

As once I heard, when we exercise going back and forth to a thought, it becomes more defined and then we start to believe in it.

Just like this photograph that looks with odd shapes, lines and curves going up and down… with shades of gray..
 Then, we believe in what we think. We  can explain to our friends and loved ones, but that image looks blurred to others still , and that is quite simple, it is our thought shaped for us, and for us to understand and have a meaning…

it matters not that much if a vision shared is understood… or not.

What it matters is that our thoughts, our shapes, our beliefs are for us to care deeply for. We are the masters of our lives. One or two others may see what you see, but only you will feel it yours.

You create what you think. Think nicely and nice things will come your way.

I promise.