Dam 4

Four Dams in Puerto Madero in Bs.As. Argentina. This dams connect to the river Mar del Plata and from there one can cross the south Atlantic Ocean to get to Punta del Este in Uruguay.


Graffiti on Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero is an upscale neighborhood, amongst an intricate social classes groups. It seems some construction is taking place where walls are lifted which provoke innate painters to take advantage of available places to paint on.

Since the light was hitting on the wall I had to overexpose the photo so the colors would show up; later I had to add contrast to the scene so you could see the details.

Misunderstood Mexican Restaurant

This is La Lupita, a mexican restaurant in Buenos Aires.

The food as you could expect tastes good, but is not mexican food. It may look like it but it is not. That is understandable since ingredients are hard to find in Argentina and they don’t taste the same. I can prove it. So as for food goes, you can go and have some very strange mixed names of mexican-argentinian food. No problem with that.

La Lupita, Arg

The decoration is really far off for what a mexican restaurant would look like. The abuse of color is a main characteristic of mexican culture which some may like and some may not. But the way the images are depicted are in no way, let me repeat it, in no way mexican. One of the main icons for mexicans is the Virgin of Guadalupe which represents our culture being 92% catholic. Do you think we would put a wrestler mask on the virgin’s face?. We also have a cult for death and let me be more specific. We don’t worship death, we mock death and laugh at it and we think that we can cheat it.

So the use of skeletons and death figures is more tetric than representative.

On top of all this, there is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the roof. (see video)

So if you happen to be there, you won’t get sick but it is definitely the wrong concept of a mexican restaurant.

La Lupita, Arg