Not Everything is Online

Had to go to the library. Now I realize that not everything is online.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

I am going back to school! yes…back.

For years I wanted  an MBA degree and now is the perfect time to start one. So nervous to go back to school! Last time I stepped into one was… mmm…  that long? now I can’t remember.

Why? Thought about that too. I could think that I am doing already ok with my profesional degrees, my career  and work but there is an itchy feeling of wanting to learn more, and I am that kind of person. I like taking risk and I like to know more and more about almost every topic there is!

This will be a two and a half  year journey… I know I will post something in the future when I finish my degree.

In the mean time, this is how my new school looks like!

The EGADE Business School link here