You famous? Not me and … guess what? neither is he. And it is not that he is asking her for her phone number (that I tried, didn’t work! 🙂 )

This man had a long line of women waiting. I thought he was like someone known? That by the way, I didn’t. So I got closer to find out that what he was doing was writing  person’s name in Arabic for some coins… and it was working! (could it be the looks?).

I should give it a try, I do not know arabic but I can give hugs!…No, those are free. Would kisses work? I will tell you next  weekend.


Handicap Parking

Sorry about the repetitive bike theme, but that’s what I do all weekends. Anyways,  we left or bikes locked on a light pole and left for a walk on the street, when we came back we realized there was a handicap sign. First, we didn’t intend to park our bikes there, then we thought.

Wait a minute, there is no access to the sidewalk, there is no parking allowed on this street, how did this sign get here? We came to the conclusion that City Hall had some extra signs and just placed them on random places!

Keep Them Honest

These guys at the extrems of the bench have nothing to do by being honest or not. “Keep Them Honest” is a poker expresion meaning: “To call at the end of a hand to prevent someone from bluffing.”

There are so many expression that it took me a while finding one that would fit this photo.

This is a bench, formed by poker cards. (yes, I know that is obvious, but still had to make my point! 🙂 )

Latin-American Tower

The construction of the Torre Latinoamericana started in 1948 and ended in 1956. It has 44 stories, and at that time it was the tallest building in Latin America with a height of 188 meters. It was also named the tallest building outside the U.S.

What makes this building important is its resistance to earthquakes. Have in mind that Mexico continually has telluric movement. It withstood the 1957 earthquake of 7.7 richter scale when the Angel of Independence fell from its column. It would  withstand the 1985 earthquake of 8.1 , and the later earthquake of 7.9 on march 20th this year.

Nowadays the same mexican technology is used to build skyscrapers on high seismic risk areas.

If it shakes, we have the recipe….