Visiting H.Q.

Office HQ

I always enjoy coming to the office. I do so every year or so at least to corporate.  I always wanted to travel, never thought I would go to so many cities, even when I worked at another company. It is the time I take extra days to get acquainted with the places, making friends and sharing with strangers. One life, one chance. Have to make the best of every moment.

Office HQ

Trump Wins and Mexico Does.

Reading the Washington Post today, it is said that Trump has 1 point preference over Hillary. Regardless who wins, things can’t get any worse for Mexicans.

Here is this short film worth watching by M.A.M.O.N (Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) that exaggerates what would happen if TRUMP wins
Many may not like Mexicans, but the ones who know us love us! and beyond that, we share the longest border in the world and some hundred years of land, culture and history.
Just a thought for food:
Tyranny is a symptom that reflects the cruelty of a sick spirit. Not because it happens in your/our country means it is right.
No one can live in a box, behind a wall. Remember the Berlin wall, that is what is being asked for.