Video of The Month: I am only a Secret

Even though this song is not that brand new, it is a good pop song.

It might sound unfamiliar listening to spanish lyrics that you may not get a word of. Still the music is worth listening.

Alejandra Guzman is a well known mexican pop-rock singer with many many hits in Latin America.


Where I spend my nights.

I have been away from time to time.

I thought it would be easier to go to work, go to college (happily again) and do some other personal things I like, for example writing and taking photographs and going to the mountain and go with friends, going to the gym and….

It hasn’t been easy. At all but

It is worth it for many reasons.  Making the long story short: I have always liked challenges, I have always liked to learn new things… So I will try to post from now and then, drop a couple of lines (this time I have a little bit more of time, that’s why I can write longer lines) and visit your blog, as I use to. Just be patient because I it will take me a little bit of time. 🙂

Tec de MonterreyPhotograph of the ITESM CEM, one of the Campus where I am going for my new lessons.