Stopped For a Hand, Friendship, Love, and Hope

Last week, Tuesday if a recall, I hit a car. I was looking  for a place to park, when spotted,  I turned  the steering wheel all the way to the right and hit a passing car, whose driver was not an expert at avoiding incoming objects. (oh well!).

Yesterday driving a friend’s car (mine was at the body shop) I hit another car bumper to bumper. After a long discussion of who was at fault we realized it was a minor scratch, that a nearby policeman had seen that the car in front of me had suddenly stopped and that it was not worth the waste of time, so we both drivers were allowed to leave.

That was so stressing!

On my way to work I saw a playground and a wall paint. I parked my car, well my friend’s car. The paint on the wall has leaves made of hands, children’s hands and around it you can read: friendship, love and hope. I stayed there for about 15 minutes, balancing on the swing, thinking about all my blessings. Then I left with a serene mind  and everything went smooth.



With One More Look at You

Had to choose between image or sound quality. I chose poorly since the sound video was much better, but with this one, one can see all the intention and passion.

I can’t say I know word by word of this track, though I do. A Star is Born, a film from 1976. For some strange reason I now all the songs and lyrics. I wouldn’t promise you a great picture, but I would recommend it if available still.


….I will solve the mystery, if you are the prize…

Refresh this tired eyes, with one more look at you…

I might overcome the anger that I have learn to know

Find my peace of mind I’ve lost so long ago

Your gentle touch has made me strong again…

And I belong again

For when you look at me, I’m everything and more that I had dreamed I’d be….



Everything: I don’t want much I just want more…