Happy? Always?


Not always.

But always, there is an excuse to be happy.

Most of the time life is not the way we want it to be (I am sure there is a higher reason for that), and that may not be on our hands…

Nevertheless, one can always smile, unless you don’t really want to and enjoy being with a bad humor.

So it all depends on you.


Time to go Up

Sometimes one might think that everything remains the same.  That when fallen one can’t stand back up. I have this idea that lives are like puzzles, and as such each and everyone of us hold all the pieces. Well, it can happen that that nice picture you hold on your hands gets scrambled. It is time again to put the peces back in order,but then, you realize that those pieces no loger fit together and not even that. It turns out, that there are more blank spots between the old ones. It is time to have a new picture.

It will be then that you realize that when you find all that pieces you will find a new meaning that defines you.

Others will not see you’ve changed. Some will see that sparkle in your eyes, that wit in your smile. You are wiser.

And when looking back at your puzzle you will see more color here and there, perhaps light where there were dark spots, sun where there was shadow. A lesson has been taught. One has learned. I have learned.

It is time go up.