Dodging Dogs


Dialogs with Flori

(me) -Wake up! come on!



(flori) – what is it this time??





(me) – Want some….



(flori) – You got my attention,  IS IT FOOD??





(me) – Let’s go for a walk!!




(flori) – You are kidding me, right?




(me) – cheer up!



(flori) – Let’s don’t and say we did!!!





(me) – I will get your coat if you want…



(flori) – You didn’t get it right?





(me) – I will wait for you down stairs…..


(flori) – …sigh… What I have to put up with!






(me) – Floriiiiiii! come on!!!




(flori) – Wait for me! Just don’t hold your breath!!!