Oxford Bride

Just came back on Sunday  from my trip to London. I took a lot of photographs, about 2,000 and from all of them I had trouble choosing which one to post first.

This trip has many meanings to me, many perspectives, many reasons. I always wanted to go to London and see the city, but couldn’t find the time, the means.

I wasn’t counting on what life wants from us.  And it is so, that life is there to teach us and to give us all we desire in exchange for one to give to others (this is part of another related story) .

And what is that the Universe wants from us?

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

There is None Else Beside Him

Oxford Bride


Stopped For a Hand, Friendship, Love, and Hope

Last week, Tuesday if a recall, I hit a car. I was looking  for a place to park, when spotted,  I turned  the steering wheel all the way to the right and hit a passing car, whose driver was not an expert at avoiding incoming objects. (oh well!).

Yesterday driving a friend’s car (mine was at the body shop) I hit another car bumper to bumper. After a long discussion of who was at fault we realized it was a minor scratch, that a nearby policeman had seen that the car in front of me had suddenly stopped and that it was not worth the waste of time, so we both drivers were allowed to leave.

That was so stressing!

On my way to work I saw a playground and a wall paint. I parked my car, well my friend’s car. The paint on the wall has leaves made of hands, children’s hands and around it you can read: friendship, love and hope. I stayed there for about 15 minutes, balancing on the swing, thinking about all my blessings. Then I left with a serene mind  and everything went smooth.


It Would be a Better World If…

If I can expect no more from the other than what he chooses to give  and share…

If I can be on my way to perfection knowing that I might not reach it in this life time…

If I take responsibility for what I say and do and ask for forgiveness when I make an offense…

If I hold no regrets to my brothers..

If I understand that you as well as me are unique and that there is a slight chance one might like or do what the other likes or does.

If I understand that my life is only in my hands and not in other’s…that I am not a victim of the circumstances,

…then it would be a better world.

Happy? Always?


Not always.

But always, there is an excuse to be happy.

Most of the time life is not the way we want it to be (I am sure there is a higher reason for that), and that may not be on our hands…

Nevertheless, one can always smile, unless you don’t really want to and enjoy being with a bad humor.

So it all depends on you.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I used to have a laptop that didn’t work any more but that had some useful parts to be recycled to help me out with my resolutions….


For some strange reason, the letters here are misplaced. Could it be a “bug” on the laptop’s keyboard? _MG_4199





I know I left the “N” some place above… But I did have all the intention to put the letter between the “E” and “D”.

Care to be my FrieNd with a missing “N”? *(I think it is there someplace… oh! well..)._MG_4165