This has been showing up in the internet. Couldn’t stop to post it!

It reminds me of the Troyan Horse.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

After giving some thought, this photo deserves some explanation.

The photograph is at a restaurant-bar and is a 2 story-tall bronze sculpture. It is a woman holding the handgrip of a train. Though it only shows the handles. It is a mexican known representation of an Adelita, name that women were given as the women that fought aside their hombre revolucionario (men that fought in the Mexican Revolution).

Photograph of the original taken when the revolution was at its peak. You can see how well the woman at the train is the one on the sculpture. (No royalties payment at that time!)

And a photo at daylight for you to better appreciate.

Brave and Braver

Canopy lines may not be that high.  These were, very. So far so good.

What about when instead of going solo, you take a passenger with you?

What about if it’s a kid?

The kid which looks like a girl is wearing a helmet. Enough protection?

Well….don’t know at this point if you would let your kid take such ride. But was it really that high?  Look the following photograph and you tell me…