9 comments on “Going Billboards!

  1. I love that last shot with the tall buildings and then, there’s that one little fellow sitting in the middle of the square, with its round tower,all by its lonesome. This photo would have been the perfect example of ‘contrast’. Anyway, the Architecture is magnificent, and so is the photograph.


  2. I noticed the phones cause they are similar to the one I used for many years. I only recently gave it up cause it finally broke on me. I entered the photo of it for last year’s weekly photo challenge: broken, you can see here http://wp.me/p1Cyea-gP I loved that phone when it worked.
    Great photos you have from that habit. Love your theme layout too – I have the same one. 🙂


  3. i just did a double take at the Bank Boston sign!! that was my bank..until they were bought by Baybank, then Fleet, then Bank of America!!! How old is that photo? is the bank still operating under the old name down there?
    Interesting pics all around, Cedric!


  4. Sorry, don’t know how to take off red mark from photos but I got a question for you . . . how do (did) you put your mark with your ‘implicado’ name on each of your photos?

    Love the captivating billboards you found . . . great marketing tool! Makes you want to have all the products. 🙂


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