One of a kind.

A lucky chance to get up on stage
A lucky chance to get up on stage

I have seen that a strong will can open all doors.

That a deep desire and a vision can lead a way.

A profound desire in congruence with oneself will bring in the right persons and the right situations.

There she was standing in the middle of the stage at “La Voz” (The Voice), a TV program where people go and sing in front of renowned singers.

She wasn’t one of the contestants…

By mere chance she sneaked into the set. Later the producers needed someone to do a sound check and minutes after, she was singing in front of more than a thousand people.

Rolling in the Deep was the name of the song that started “a cappella”. The musicians on stage when listening to her started playing along to be followed by a cheering crowd that shouted: “more! more! more!”..

Lucky her? I doubt it. She just knows what she wants and she will go after it.

How do I know? I am the father if this brilliant twelve year old kid.


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